My Yoga & Mindfulness ideology

My true joy comes when I feel that I can bring out the best in others. If I can make people happy and healthy, that is my ultimate joy. In recent years I have noticed how many stressed people there are in the world. After completing my Diploma in Yoga, I have found it most satisfying to be able to bring people back to a level of peace and health in a calm and loving manner.
People say that they feel relaxed in my classes and the mindfulness and calming aspects helps them in their day to day life. The ideology behind what I do with my Yoga and mindfulness is to help you find your balance, joy and peace. This is what I really want for the world. I hope that I can share this journey with you.



What I offer

As a Yoga, meditation or mindfulness teacher I offer different ways of working with you.
I teach:
-       to the public in various locations.
-       in schools.
-       in workplaces or corporate environments.
-       small group or one on one Yoga & Mindfulness classes



My trainings and certifications

- Level 5 NZQA Diploma in Yoga (1200 hours)
- Teachers Certificate in Yin Yoga (with Joe Barnett)
- Teachers Certificate from Rainbow Kids Yoga for family and kids Yoga
- Teachers Certificate in Pure Meditation Foundation from SRMHC
- RYT 500 (Registered Yoga teacher) with the International Yoga Alliance
- Certificate in Mindfulness for practitioners (Pooja Maddela)
Bachelor of Arts with majoring subjects in Biological Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning


to Body Rhythm Yoga

Michelle Waring

My Yoga pathway goes a long way back to when I was a teenager I would follow my Dad to Yoga classes and I would gain so much peace that I would always fall asleep by the end of the class. I then, several years later studied Pure meditation which I still continue practising to this day. This practice really helps me to still my mind and balance the energies in the body. I trained to teach this Pure meditation foundation course and I received my teachers certificate from the SRMHC in the UK.
Then came a time when I was living in Vienna and I once again began taking physical Yoga classes and was reminded of how great it felt. I felt healthy, calm and balanced. Soon after this I registered for my 1200 hour year long Yoga Diploma training which I throughly enjoyed. The Diploma was in Integrated Yoga covering many styles of Yoga and including ‘Pranayama’ the Yoga breathing, the in-depth relaxation techniques ‘Yoga Nidra’ and much more.
I loved the impact we could bring to others. I started teaching six months into my Diploma and I haven’t stopped since. I am now registered as a RYT 500 with the International Yoga Alliance and I completed a certificate in Rainbow kids Yoga teacher training. I have taught approximately 1000 hours of Yoga and I am so impressed with how Yoga and mindfulness has a way of helping people to deal with all that life brings them.
I taught as a High School teacher for fifteen years and always wanted to find a way to help them more. I am now taking Yoga and mindfulness into schools to help enable them to find peace and balance in their lives. I also regularly teach kids yoga in kindergartens and in yoga studios for kids aged 2-10 years. 

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