Lovely moment in class

I would like to share a beautiful moment from in class today.

For some reason today at the beginning of class I felt the people in the room needed to chat to one another, so I let them chat for a little while and then (very unlike me..) I said "Has anyone got anything to share" One man said..
"Yes, my car got stolen and now I can't go and visit my mother"

Aww.. We all felt for him and but then we needed to get into our Yoga.

At the end of class one thoughtful lady walked up to this man and said "Would you like a car of mine? I have one you can use" They started discussing how to help him out.

I said to this lady as she was leaving, "Thank you for being so kind" and she said, "We can't just come to Yoga without caring for one another, that wouldn't be Yoga!"

How beautiful is this class! How special is it when we all care so much about each other. I hope you all experience caring and loving Yoga classes. It really should be this way :)

Have a great day!