“I love the down to earth way you teach, your encouragement, how you explain how things work”


“The things I like about yoga with you is: There is no pressure for you to be as flexible as possible. You always reassure us that if we can't go into a position we can come out of it. You tailor the class for us so as we get the best out of it. You encourage us to occasionally push ourselves without even realising it. Your voice is the most calming voice I've ever heard and it's no wonder people fall asleep at the end of the class. You always have a happy smile for us and listen to us venting about whatever has happened over the day/week. Last but most definitely not least: Just you... I thoroughly enjoy coming to class”

Julie J.,

“I like your flexible approach to the classes and how you consider how people are feeling health or mentally wise and structure the class accordingly. I always feel considered and tailored to even when there's a big class. I also like your fun approach to each class.”


“I love that you dont make us do anything we feel our body cant do, we can just come out of position if need be and always like u do couple options if you want simple or needing a bit more complex. I love how you talk about the position/move and what organ of the body it is good for.. Feel this is very motivating and just think you have such a beautiful soothing voice to listen to too”

Tracey ,